Categoría: Inmuebles
País: Puerto Rico
Región: Caguas
Dirección: Ave. Muñoz Marin AB1, 00725, Caguas, Caguas, Puerto Rico (Ver mapa)
Teléfono: 787-653-4080
Fax: 787-653-4091


In 1969 the idea of Trans Indies Realty & Investment Corp. was created by Gloria Berman and her husband, the late David Kaplan. At the time they were living with their three young children in a big, drafty house at the end of a country lane in La Muda. Both David and Gloria were well known for being serious people. They set up the business in their home, with one idea in mind: to create a real estate company that would deal with each and every customer in a fair and honest manner. They moves to Santa Maria, and once again had their office in their home. The office had a terrace with an Acerola tree right outside. They started recruiting Associates at this time.

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