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IBEC's , mission was simple:Take American know how into underdeveloped countries and set up the basic industries of housing and food distribution. Franciscus arrived starry-eyed, ready to carry the flag and do good. He began with IBEC in 1958 as a trainee. At that time, Lawrence Rockefeller of Rock Resorts was developing the former Claire Livingston sugar plantation in Dorado. He borrowed Franciscus to help lay out and price the one-acre lots designed to rim the planned golf course. Franciscus left IBEC and started Franciscus Real Estate. Along the way, Franciscus would be drawn back to his first dream of helping undeveloped countries, a dream that has led to adventures all over the Caribbean. He started with the Dominican Republic and wrote the book Dominican Opportunity. Franciscus's reasoning was to attract business; entrepreneurs needed a guide for what to expect.

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