Categoría: Inmuebles
País: Puerto Rico
Región: San Juan
Dirección: 409 San Francisco, San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico (Ver mapa)
Teléfono: (1) (787) 7252807


Perched high on a rocky promontory guarding the entrance to a large bay to its south and to its north the Atlantic Ocean trade routes, the fortified city of Old San Juan , founded by the Spanish conquistadors in 1521, quickly became one of Spain 's most valuable possession in its hegemony over the New World . It became the key into the Caribbean. This humble 16 th century wooden stockade, hastily built to defend the incipient colonies from pirates and foreign powers, grew into a formidable fortress and, within, a city rich in architecture. Through out the centuries the city experienced the ebb and flow of prosperity, changes in its sovereignty, it became the nexus of the island's identity and the seat of is arts. In 1958, Blanca B. Gandía, founder of Gandía Realty, began restoring and selling houses in Old San Juan. Together with her daughter, Margarita the company has restored and sold over 75% of all properties in the city. The work of Margarita Gandía and her late mother on behalf of the city has been constant in its commitment to maintain the intrinsic values of this community, and the preservation of its architecture It's a daunting project to protect and preserve the urban fabric of a city like Old San Juan, explains Ms. Gandía.

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