Categoría: Inmuebles
País: Puerto Rico
Región: Bayamón
Dirección: Centro Comercial De Mercadeo Tower II Of 403, 00968, Guaynabo, Bayamón, Puerto Rico (Ver mapa)
Teléfono: (1) (787) 6222830


Binswanger was founded in 1931 by Frank G. Binswanger in the midst of the Great Depression, and his energy and vision have characterized the company throughout its history. By anticipating trends and seizing opportunities, Binswanger has grown from a single Philadelphia office to an international real estate leader with offices on five continents. Foreseeing the movement to the Sunbelt, Binswanger first began its U.S. expansion in the 1950's by establishing a southern division, with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. During the 1960's and 1970's, Binswanger expanded into the Midwest and western United States. In 1990, the company reorganized its full range of services under two operating divisions: Binswanger Advisory Group, which provides real estate consulting services, and Binswanger Realty Group, which provides brokerage services. One of Binswanger's unique characteristics is the integration of these groups to form cross-functional teams for specific client projects.

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